Daily life

Daily life  

Moving to another country always involves mountains of
paperwork, form-filling and time-consuming trips to different
offices. It can also be confusing to what what you have to do and
when, and also what benefits you and your family are entitled to.


We have put together a list of the most important things you need to know
(and, where possible, forms you can start filling in before you arrive). We hope
this will help ease you into Luxembourg life a little more smoothly. You can of
course use one of the relocation services which we have listed on the right of the page.


Please allow plenty of time if you need to visit one of the ministry offices and we would advise you to go first thing in the morning to avoid long queues, and the possibility of them closing for lunch before you are seen!


We have broken the information into easy sections which you can access below:


Useful Contacts

  • AB-LUX Relocation services
  • European Relocation Services
  • Integreat S.A Relocation Services
  • Settler International Luxembourg
  • ASSIST Relocation service
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