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Finding accommodation in Luxembourg

can be a challenge, depending on where you want to live, type of property (studio, apartment, house), renting or buying and of course your budget. If you are staying for less than 5 years, it is probably best to rent before buying, to allow you to get to know Luxembourg better. As the market is somewhat limited, this can take some time, so you should start searching before leaving your country.



If you are single and looking for cheap, practical and all-inclusive accommodation, house-sharing is an ideal solution.

Companies specialized in house-sharing

(A discount of 75 € is offered to visitors who specify that they have heard of the services of Altea Immobilière ( through the EURAXESS Services Centre)

Websites offering one-to-one

You will find bedrooms from 800 €/month. Always try and check the credentials of a company before entering into any contract or making a payment.