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American Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg ASBL (AMCHAM)

An international voluntary organization of business persons committed to promoting English-speaking networking opportunities and business relations in the Grand Duchy.

As a researcher you (and your family) can benefit from:

• Reduced AMCHAM membership rate of EUR 100/year granting

- Free entry to most of AMCHAM’s events (over 40/year)

- Information in English (news magazine Connexion and the Doing Business in Luxembourg guide)

- Opportunities for networking

• “Newcomers Orientation Courses” (free, available to both members and non-members, organized with the support of the “Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund” (AMIF) and the Luxembourg Reception and Integration Agency/Ministry of Family and Integration (OLAI))



A young organization of PhD candidates and junior researchers. It is open to all PhD candidates and junior researchers working in Luxembourg as well as to Luxembourgish PhD candidates and young researchers abroad.

The number of young researchers and PhD candidates in Luxembourg has considerably grown over recent years. Their contribution in shaping the country’s academic landscape is thus considerable. LuxDoc was thus born out of the need to create a representative body which would allow PhD candidates and junior researchers to engage in ongoing scientific and political debates.

For its members, LuxDoc wants to be a social as well as a scientific exchange platform.


Business and innovation centres are a platform to host and assist innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups. Incubators provide just the right support for new projects to help them grow. They also serve as a temporary location for international companies setting up their business in Luxembourg.


The main goal at Technoport® is to help and support individuals to validate and bridge their ideas to success by providing tailored-made services, access to networks and a professional business environment through four main platforms:

- the renowned business incubators that promotes and supports the validation, creation and development of innovative and technology-oriented companies, from software to industrial applications.

- the Fab Labs that support local manufacturing and rapid prototyping by offering access to a range of equipment (3D printers, laser cutters, robotic arms, vacuum press) and services (3D modeling).

- the coworking space where we host and organize hackathons to foster coconception and co-development of ideas, applications and business concepts.

- the Digital Experience Studio (DX Studio) a digital workshop facility that supports entrepreneurs in developing innovative digital technologies.



Nyuko is a place where you can turn your ideas or researches into reality - concrete companies. Whether you are looking for entrepreneurship trainings, contacts with potential big clients, acceleration or mentoring, nyuko does it all. It also works with big companies, startups, universities and institutions to bridge the gaps between these worlds and encourage cross-pollination between sectors.



Lux future lab is a business incubator and training platform of BGL BNP Paribas. It encourages individuals at the crossroads of their professional development to improve their skills and move forward with their entrepreneurial ideas. It provides facilities, educational resources, professional services and networking opportunities.


The House of Biohealth hosts companies active in life sciences, clean technologies, ICT and media. research, development and innovation. It offers a full, integrated, personalised and free service to businesses of all sizes and to research organisations. It identifies financial and technological support best suited to each case, and facilitates access to support programmes for innovation and research at the national and European levels.


Financial support

Luxembourg offers a full range of custom-made investment incentives that give new ventures a head-start and foster R&D and innovation.

Financial support helps specific investments and R&D projects, complementing equity and bank financing. Medium and long-term loans at interesting rates are available from the Luxembourg public-law banking institution, the SNCI. CD-PME, a joint-venture between public and private banks, also finances innovative projects.