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Luxembourg’s capital is a true mix of styles and influences. Between its old quarters part of Unesco Cultural World Heritage and contemporary buildings, its cultural programme is full of contrasts.

A few famous personalities in Luxembourg:

Gabriel Lippmann (1845-1921), Nobel Prize in physics (1908) for his pioneering work in color photography, Henri Tudor (1859-1928), engineer, inventor of the first practical lead-acid battery, and industrialist, Robert Schuman (1886-1963), French premier and foreign minister, Joseph Kutter (1894-1941), painter, Léa Linster (born 1955), chef, winner of the 1989 Bocuse d’Or, Fränk (born 1980) and Andy (born 1985) Schleck, road bicycle racers.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of activities, events and places to visit and their websites to keep you up‑to‑date.

The ten must-see

Since 1994, the old city of Luxembourg and its ancient quarters have been part of the Unesco Cultural World Heritage.

The ten must-see in Luxembourg City are:

•                Bock and Petrusse Casemates

•                The path of the ramparts (corniche)

•                Grand-Ducal Palace

•                Grund and the Neumënster Abbey

•                Cathedral “Notre-Dame” of Luxembourg

•                Philharmonie

•                Museums:

Luxembourg City History Museum:


Mudam Museum of Modern Art:


National Museum of History and Art:


National Museum of Natural History (Luxembourg):



Luxembourg’s cultural scene has absorbed many foreign cultural influences over time, while retaining its originality. The cultural offering not only reflects the Grand Duchy’s multicultural society but also its residents’ taste for quality cultural events.


Museum of Modern Art



Casino du Luxembourg

Contemporary Art Forum



Villa Vauban

Luxembourg City Art Museum



Contemporary Art Gallery ‘Am tunnel’

BCEE Rousegaertchen building

16, rue Zithe

L-2763 Luxembourg


Photo Library (Photothèque)

10, rue Eugène Ruppert

L-2453 Luxembourg



All events on Theatre Federatioun: www.theatre.lu

Grand Theatre: www.theatres.lu

Capucins Theatre (Théâtre des Capucins)

Theatre National du Luxembourg (TNL): www.tnl.lu

Esch Theatre: www.esch.lu/culture/theatre



For cinema lovers, films featured in Luxembourg’s modern cinemas are mostly shown in their original language.

The latest films are shown at Utopolis Belval (Esch-Belval) or the Utopolis cinema complex and the Utopia cinema (Luxembourg City). The timetables and reviews can be found at: www.utopolis.lu

A number of smaller cinemas are also available throughout the country. A complete list can be found here: www.cinema.online.lu

If you love the great cinema classics or would like to discover lesser-known films then go to the Cinémathèque run by Luxembourg City.




Luxembourg offers a wide range of remarkable cultural events, ranging from classical music concerts and operas to sensational rock festivals and open air events. In addition to local artists, many famous performers from across the world come to Luxembourg to share their music.

Philharmonie: www.philharmonie.lu

Den Atelier: www.atelier.lu

CarréRotondes: www.rotondes.lu

Sang a Klang: www.bluesclub.lu

Rockhal (Esch-Belval): www.rockhal.lu

Kulturfabrik (Esch/Alzette): www.kulturfabrik.lu



As a multicultural and cosmopolitan capital, Luxembourg has a wide selection of cafés, bars and clubs, often with live music and DJs. The most popular districts in the City to go out in the evening are Clausen, Grund and Hollerich.

Luxuriant: www.luxuriant.lu

Delano: www.delano.lu

City Magazine Luxembourg: www.citymag.lu

Agendalux: www.agendalux.lu



Casino Mondorf-les-Bains: www.casino2000.lu



The main Luxembourgish radio stations are: RTL, 100.7 and Eldoradio. However, some stations broadcast in other languages, such as: Ara City Radio, (every weekday morning from 6.00 to 14.00 in English), Radio Latina (mainly in Portuguese).

The main Luxembourg daily newspapers are: Lëtzebuerger Journal, Luxemburger Wort, Tageblatt (mainly in German and in French) and Le Quotidien (in French). L’Essentiel (free newspaper in French) is easy to find anywhere in town. Finally Paperjam is a monthly economic and financial magazine.


Festivity calendar

•                FEBRUARY: Carnival. Involves public celebration or parade, with people dressing up and wearing masks.

•                MAY:  ‘Fête du Genêt’, Wiltz.

•                3rd TO 5th WEEKEND FOLLOWING EASTER: Oktave, Luxembourg City. Traditional pilgrimage (since 1666) to honour our lady of Luxembourg, the patron saint. Represents the main religious ceremony of the country. Parade and fair organised on the square Guillaume II.

•                MAY - DECEMBER: Festival International Echternach, music festival.


•                TUESDAY FOLLOWING WHITSUN: Dancing procession, Echternach.

•                21st JUNE AND THE PRECEDING WEEK: Music festival. Several concerts organised throughout the country.

•                23rd JUNE: National day. Festivities and fireworks already start on the day before.

•                JUNE: Rock-a-field, Roeser. Outdoor Rock festival. www.rockafield.lu

•                END JUNE - BEGINNING SEPTEMBER: Summer in the City. Various concerts and celebrations organised in Luxembourg City.

•                JULY: Blues’n Jazz Rallye, Luxembourg city.

•                JUNE - JULY: Festival de Wiltz, music festival. www.festivalwiltz.lu

•                JULY - AUGUST: Medieval festival, Vianden. During 10 days, Vianden is transformed into a medieval city.

•                AUGUST: ‘Schueberfouer’, Luxembourg City. Traditional funfair organised at the Glacis field.

•                AUGUST: Streetart animations, Luxembourg City.

•                SEPTEMBER: Wine festival, Grevenmacher and Moselle Region.

•                OCTOBER - FEBRUARY: Festival de Wiltz, music festival, winter season. www.festivalwiltz.lu

•                OCTOBER - NOVEMBER: Luxembourg Festival, music festival. www.luxembourgfestival.lu

•                DECEMBER: Christmas Market, Luxembourg City.



Luxembourg offers a complete range of popular and less known sports and fitness activities, both indoors and out, such as football, tennis, golf, cycling, swimming, water sports, wellness, ballooning, flying, cross-country ski (during the winter), etc. These facilities are offered in communes, sports clubs and associations as well as private clubs.

You can find more detailed information on the following websites:

National Tourist Office: www.ont.lu

Luxembourg City: www.vdl.lu

Sports in Luxembourg: www.sport.public.lu

D’Coque: www.coque.lu


For relaxation

‘Thermes de Strassen’: http://www.lesthermes.net

Mondorf les Bains, Thermal Estate: www.mondorf.lu

There are also numerous places in the countryside for walking, hiking, cycling and climbing.

Between the green hills of the Ardennes region, the impressive rock formation of the Mullerthal region or the vineyards along the Moselle river, you will be astonished by the beauty and the diversity of the Luxembourg landscapes.

At the weekends, you can also visit the beautiful Moselle region and rent bikes (also for children) at 11 locations along the Moselle river:




Luxembourg is also a great place to shop around. Many of the world’s established brands have chosen to set up shop here.

Shops in the City Centre

•                Monday: 14.00 to 18.00

•                Tuesday to Saturday: 09.00 to 18.00

Find all shops and opening hours on:



Shopping centres

•                Monday to Thursday: 09.00 to 20.00

•                Friday: 09.00 to 21.00

•                Saturday: 09.00 to 19.00


La Belle Etoile Shopping Centre Bertrange

Route d’Arlon – L-8050 Bertrange



Auchan Shopping Centre Kirchberg

5, rue Alphonse Weicker – L-2721 Luxembourg



City Concorde Shopping Centre Bertrange

80, route de Longwy – L-8060 Bertrange



Belval Plaza Shopping Centre Esch-Belval

7, avenue du Rock’n Roll – L-4361 Esch-sur-Alzette




•                Monday to Thursday: 08.00 to 20.00

•                Friday: 08.00 to 21.00

•                Saturday: 08.00 to 20.00

Some smaller supermarkets open as soon as 6h30 or stay open until 22h. Some also open on Sunday.


Markets and Jumble sales

Luxembourg’s calendar counts a lot of markets and sellouts. Besides weekly and monthly markets, numerous large gourmet markets give the opportunity to discover a broad variety of local products.

Antiques lovers should not miss the flea markets taking place on the first Sunday of each month on Place Guillaume II and on the second and fourth Saturday on ‘Place d’Armes’.


For all good plans shopping: www.goodidea.lu