Arrival checklist

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Before arrival      



EURAXESS - Researchers in motion


  1. Passport/identity card

Check the validity of your passport/identity card.

  2. Entry and residence conditions

Check your entry and residence conditions. If necessary, obtain a visa and a residence permit for researcher.

  3. Book your flight

To avoid extra expenses, only book your flight once you know the first working day of your employment.

  4. Health insurance

Check your health insurance cover with your new employer. If necessary, obtain the European health insurance card or private health insurance.

   5. Local tax authority

Check with your local tax authority whether you need a certificate proving your tax payer status.

  6. School reports of your children

If accompanied by your children, bring their school reports.

  7. Accommodation

Look for accommodation. Book your hotel or if renting, book appointments with the estate agent/proprietor beforehand.

  8. Bank account

Contact your bank to open an account, so you can transfer money and obtain a bank guarantee for renting accommodation.


Careers options



  Upon arrival



As soon as possible

  1. Declaration of arrival

Register your arrival with your local commune (declaration of arrival) within:

  •  3 days of arrival for all non-EU citizens
  •  8 days for EU citizens staying for more than 3 months

  2. Register children at the school

  3. Bank account

Finalise your bank account and order credit/debit cards.


Within 3 months

  1. Residence permit

Apply for your residence permit.

  2. Register your vehicle


Within one year

  After 6 months but within 1 year, apply for a Luxembourg driving licence if you have a current non-EU licence.



For more information


Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes
(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Direction de l’Immigration
B.P. 752 L -2017 Luxembourg
Tel.: (+352) 247-84040
14.00 - 16.00
Fax: (+352) 22 16 08