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Dhruv SEHGAL's testimonial

Dhruv SEHGAL`s testimonial



Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Indian, single


"I recommend Euraxess, it is easy and straightforward. I have found my current PhD position through the Euraxess job portal."


1. What was your main reason for coming to Luxembourg?











Please describe in more detail why you decided to settle in Luxembourg.

Good research infrastructure.

2. When did you arrive in Luxembourg?

January 2019.

3. What type of research are you involved in? Can you tell us a bit about your work.

Rivers carry not only water but also sediments. These sediments are responsible for river morphology and determine the water quality of the river, because they carry contaminants and organics along with them. I am trying to understand the complex  behaviour of sediment transport.

4. What obstacles you had to face before arriving in Luxembourg?

It took a long time for my visa to be processed.

5. What were the biggest challenges you had to deal with after your arrival?

Accommodation is really expensive. I don’t mind paying more, but the quality of the rooms is not good. They are not designed in a very thoughtful way. There is also no public transport to nearby big stores (IKEA, Decathlon).

6. What Euraxess services did you use? Services related to:

 Job opportunities

 Work permit

 Funding opportunities​

 Entry conditions/visas





 Health insurance

 Medical care



 Pension rights


 Career advice

 Day care, schooling & family related issues


 Information about the culture of the host country/language courses




7. What role did Euraxess play in the overall process?

I applied through Euraxess job portal.

8. What is the best thing about living / working in Luxembourg and why?

The international environment.

9. What did you find surprising when you moved to Luxembourg?

I was expecting more German language in local communication.

10. What is the main difference between Luxembourg and your country of origin (personally and professionally)?

The work environment.

11. What do you miss about your home country?


12. What has Luxembourg given you professionally and personally?

It has provided me with a platform for my next step.

13. What are your future plans, either in Luxembourg or abroad?

I will look for a post-doc and a job in a research institution.

14. Would you recommend Euraxess and why?

It’s easy and straightforward.

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