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Legal Disclaimer

Legal disclaimer


General Terms and Conditions of use of the website

Any visitor using this website (hereinafter user), including information, documents, products, software and other services (hereinafter “services”) available on this website is deemed to have taken note of and accepted the entirety of the General Terms and Conditions of use.


Responsibilities of the user

  • The user declares knowing the risks resulting from the fact that this website is accessible via the Internet and accepting them.

  • The user acknowledges that he uses an adequate and secured technical configuration in order to prevent misuses of its computer system and that the latter does not contain any viruses or any other malicious software.

  • The user is solely responsible for the selection, use and interpretation of the data which he consults, searches and transmits on the Internet.



Modification of the website

EURAXESS Luxembourg may modify or suspend access to this website without advance notice, for maintenance, updates, or any other reason deemed necessary.

EURAXESS Luxembourg may withdraw, add, complete, or specify in whole or in part, information and services available on this website. EURAXESS Luxembourg shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage related to such modifications or suspensions.


Limitation of liability

  • EURAXESS Luxembourg shall, to the extent possible, endeavor to make this website available at all times. However, EURAXESS Luxembourg shall not be liable if the website is partially or entirely unavailable for any period of time, also if due to a cyber-attack.

  • EURAXESS Luxembourg shall not be held responsible for any potential direct or indirect damage suffered by the user stemming from the use of this website and the use of its services or of the links to other websites. This is particularly valid in relation to an interruption to or cessation of the operation of the website or a dysfunction of the site which may result from a shutdown for maintenance or upgrading of a computer system, technical faults or network overloads, faults in telephone lines, errors, negligence or misdemeanours by suppliers of Internet services or by a third party, or the presence of a virus or malicious software.

  • EURAXESS Luxembourg reserves the right to modify the content of this website at any time and without notice.

  • While EURAXESS Luxembourg undertakes, to the extent possible, all efforts to offer available and verified information and/or resources on this website or published online by other means, EURAXESS Luxembourg shall not be liable in case information is inaccurate, incomplete, inappropriate, erroneous or outdated.

  • Information published on this website does not take into account personal or specific circumstances, and therefore cannot constitute individual advice to or a commitment for the user. Moreover, it does not substitute expert legal advice which may be necessary in specific cases. Any reliance you place on information provided directly or indirectly by EURAXESS Luxembourg is therefore strictly at your own risk.

  • Any user who discovers inaccuracies, erroneous information or information of a clearly unlawful nature is invited to inform EURAXESS Luxembourg, University of Luxembourg, 2, avenue de l'Université, L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette.




  • This website includes information made available by hyperlinks to other websites.

  • EURAXESS Luxembourg shall not be liable for the content of these linked websites, whether relating to the legality of or the accuracy of the content of the website, nor material damages that may occur from its use.

  • The existence of a link from this site to another site shall not constitute any acquiescence or warranty on the part of EURAXESS Luxembourg with respect to contents or any person who runs such other site.

  • Any user who discovers a link leading to dubious or illicit external websites is invited to inform

  • The creation of hyperlinks to this website shall be subject to the explicit prior approval of EURAXESS Luxembourg.



Intellectual property

All information available on this website is protected by copyright.

Complete or partial utilisation or publication of contents, design, and layout of this website are only permissible on the basis of prior written confirmation by EURAXESS Luxembourg. Reproduction of information requires an explicit mention of the website as a source and statement that the rights of reproduction are reserved and limited. The transfer of the content of this website into one's own frameset is not permitted.


Use of images

  • The images/photographs/video material shown on this website are either owned by EURAXESS Luxembourg, used under license from an image database or given with permission to use from another entity or a private individual.These images may not be used by third parties.

  • Any user who feels that this website contains images for which the appropriate rights have not been acquired is invited to inform:



Social Media

Moderation Policy

The EURAXESS Luxembourg social media channels have been set up to provide users with access to useful information likely to be of interest to them. Any user in contact with EURAXESS Luxembourg on social media agrees not to use the social media to publish comments or statements that constitute a discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, origin, disability, marital status or professional situation. Insulting, offensive, racist or sexist comments or statements have no place on social media. Such comments or statements will be deleted and reported. This policy is to be considered as supplementary to the terms of use set out by each of the social media used: Facebook, LinkedIn etc.


Data privacy

For a general overview of some of the ways this website processes your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy. This policy also provides you with an understanding about the use of cookies on this website under the paragraph “Cookies”.



EURAXESS Luxembourg communicates on this website and its social media channels in English.

To the extent possible, answers to any question or comment will be given in the language the inquirer feels most comfortable in among the following languages: English, French, German.


Changes to the General Terms and Conditions

EURAXESS Luxembourg reserves the right to modify or complete these General Terms and Conditions at any time, without prior notice, following changes made to the website, the evolution of the applicable legislation or if deemed necessary for any another reason. The user shall abide by the conditions of use of the portal contained in the most recent version of the legal notice available on the portal at the time of such use. Only the updated version available online is applicable.

These General Terms and Conditions may change between two visits on the website. It is for the user to consult the General Terms and Conditions on a regular basis.


Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

The user is informed that only the courts of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are competent to pronounce a ruling with respect to any disputes which may arise relating to the use, interpretation and implementation of the information and services featured on this website. The applicable law is the law of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The user acknowledges that he/she has taken note of this legal notice and undertakes to observe it.



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