Welcome to our mentoring programme for young researchers in Luxembourg!



Pursuing an academic career will not be an option for all promising PhD candidates working at research institutions in Luxembourg. Our country’s powerful economy is on the other side continuously seeking talent. Though Luxembourg is among the most attractive countries in the world when it comes to talents (see GTCI 2021), we think it is important to retain highly skilled workers who appreciate its living and working conditions and want to continue bringing value to our country. That’s why we launched 2getthere – a progamme designed to support early stage researchers on their way to transitioning into a non-academic career in Luxembourg.



  • Regular exchanges between mentors and mentees over six months
  • Two career building workshops (compulsory)
  • Career talks by PhD holders now working outside academia in Luxembourg
    (optional series “My way – your way?” in collaboration with DSAiL, the Doctoral Students’ Association in Luxembourg
  • Dedicated platform for a lively exchange between mentees and mentors of the 2getthere community



  • Supporting young researchers in their reflection about career goals, competencies and professional options
  • Facilitating their transition from an academic to a non-academic career
  • Promoting the great potential of candidates with a research background for positions outside academia
  • Building a vibrant network of professionals with interest in supporting early stage researchers to advance their careers in the non-academic sector



“We rise by lifting others”

– Robert Ingersoll –



  • you are a professional working in Luxembourg (in industry, for the government, for an NGO, as CEO of your own startup, as science journalist etc.) and possibly even know from your own experience the challenges researchers might face when trying to pursue their career outside academia?

    The field you are now working in or your current job being science / technology related is not a determining factor. What makes you a fit for 2getthere is your dedication to guiding others with your experience and opening doors, by this helping them tremendously to find a job that matches their skills and ambitions – a job that will prove them right to have left the academic path.



Let’s try with these arguments

  • By becoming a mentor, you have the chance to change more than one life: Inspiring exchanges with smart young researchers holding different views and knowledge might leave a lasting impression. Moreover, as an active member of the 2getthere community you will make enriching acquaintances among the mentors and mentees of the programme.
  • No one is born a mentor. You will get professional support to fulfill your role in line with your expectations. All mentors will have a training (in English) before starting mentoring sessions and can seek support whenever needed during the programme.


We estimated that the time commitment is approximately 12 hours over the six months.

Can we count on you? Please reach out to us under: 2getthere.euraxess@uni.lu


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. “

– African proverb –



  • you are a PhD candidate in the last year of your doctorate at University of Luxembourg (incl. SnT, LCSB and C2DH), LIH, LIST, LISER, MPI, LNS or have recently graduated from one of these institutions and are looking for a job
  • you want to broaden your knowledge about your career options beyond academia (in Luxembourg)
  • you want to feel prepared for upcoming job applications and interviews



  • Fill out the form below and we will carefully review your application
  • You will be contacted in March and meet your mentor for the first time in April if your application was successful (check the Calendar below for more details about the planned events)


2getthere being the first mentoring programme of this kind in Luxembourg, we follow the principle of “start small, think big”. Places for mentees in our pilot are limited, but you’ll have all your chances to secure your spot through a convincing application.




Calendar of Activities


  • Meetings of mentoring pairs with an average of once per month (6 meetings).
  • 2nd career building workshop for mentees
  • Ad hoc networking meetings
  • Regular career talks by former researchers now working in industry, public administration, as freelancers etc. excited to share with our mentees their career path as well as recommendations what to expect and how to succeed outside academia
  • Closing event for the whole 2getthere community to exchange experiences and recommendations


*Disclaimer: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dates may be subject to minor adjustments and event formats will be determined (in-person, hybrid or virtual) according to its evolution. Physical events will be organized under the CovidCheck system if required.



2getthere News


ADEM info Session_Header


What to do at the end of my research contract?

Like early-career researchers elsewhere, Luxembourg PhDs and postdocs face stiff competition for limited faculty vacancies. They also face a time limit linked to temporary contracts.This context provided the backdrop for EURAXESS Luxembourg and the Agence pour le développement de l'emploi (ADEM) to jointly hold an information session on unemployment rights for early-stage researchers on 26 September 2022.



 Inês Crisóstomo


Coaching is about supporting people in making decisions or choices

PhD graduates are increasingly moving into careers outside of academia. Navigating out of it involves being clear on the direction to take while translating your strengths and skills to a non-academic audience. Coaching appears to be the right answer to support the transition.


2getthere_Tulio Pascoal


Working for private companies is valuable for PhDs

The job market in Luxembourg is booming. Its private sector is always looking for highly skilled profiles, and PhDs are particularly attuned to recruiters. Case in point: Túlio Pascoal has just found a job as a Cyber Security & Privacy Consultant.


2getthere_Ralph Useldinger


In the industry, soft skills mean more than a high h-index’

According to mentor Ralph Useldinger, a high academic degree proves that the person is able to independently conduct an investigation and to come to logical conclusions.


Alper Ünsal


Luxembourg offers promising career development opportunities for PhDs in economics

Alper Unsal is a PhD candidate in economics at the Luxembourg Institute for Socio-Economic Research (LISER) aiming to get a job in the non-academic sector in Luxembourg. 


2getthere_Lindie van der Westhuizen


Hiring PhDs both sustains and enhances the mission and growth of an organisation

Straddling the line between academia and non academia, mentee Lindie van der Westhuizen is willing to apply her skills and knowledge to private employers in Luxembourg.



"Landing your first post-PhD job"

An interactive application training held by the Team Leader Recruitment of the University of Luxembourg prepared our mentees for their job search on the Luxembourg labour market. We've summarised some key points for you...