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It can be a challenge to find an accommodation in Luxembourg, depending on where you want to live, type of property (studio, apartment, house), renting or buying and of course your budget. If you are staying for less than 5 years, it is probably best to rent before buying, to allow you to get to know Luxembourg better. As the market is somewhat limited, this can take some time, so you should start searching before leaving your country.



If you are coming for a short stay (from a few days up to one month), hotels and apart-hotels are good value, starting from about 55 EUR/night. Ask at the hotel what packages are available for longer stays. Apart-hotels are suited to families and provide facilities not found in normal hotels, e.g. kitchenette. Alternatively, the website AirBnB provides the possibility to sleep in private houses and discover the life of local people. Youth Hostels are also a good option, particularly favoured by young people.

Hotels and apart-hotels in Luxembourg