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  • The general rule is that a car coming from the right side has priority.
  • Even though you are driving along a main road, cars coming from the right normally have priority.

Important priority rules in Luxembourg

Driving in an unfamiliar country can seem a daunting prospect, especially if you are used to driving on the other side of the road. Most road signs in Luxembourg are international but there are a few particular rules, which you might not be familiar with.


Driving licence

Whether or not you can use your current driving licence depends primarily on the issuing country and the licence issue date.


It is important to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) from your local motoring association before you start driving in Luxembourg, particularly if you wish to hire a car as soon as you arrive. Make sure you always carry it along with your normal driving licence.

You are entitled to drive with your original driving licence for 12 months after having taken residency in Luxembourg. Within a period of 12 months, but not earlier than 185 days after arrival, you must apply for a Luxembourg licence at the Driving Licence Office with the following documents:

  • a health certificate from your doctor in Luxembourg (no more than 3 months old);
  • an affidavit from your Embassy, (less than 3 months old);
  • a certified copy of the front and back of your current driving licence, (unless it is written in German, French or English, you must include a certified translation by a sworn translator);
  • a certificate of residency, less than 1 month old, with the date you first registered with your commune in Luxembourg;
  • a passport picture (45x35mm);
  • your police record of good conduct from Luxembourg, less than 3 months old;
  • a driving licence request form (downloadable from;
  • a tax stamp, available from the Driving Licence Office;
  • a copy of your identity document.

For more information

Driving Licence Office (SNCA)

11, rue de Luxembourg

L-5230 Sandweiler

Tel.: (+352) 35 72 14-720

Opening times

Monday to Friday 07.30-16.30

Car insurance




List of major insurance companies in Luxembourg

EU nationals

EU nationals have the possibility of insuring their car in any EU country, providing their insurance company is licensed to sell the relevant policies within the country they are moving to. Insurance will be valid throughout the European Union, regardless of where the incident took place.

It is wise to ask your insurance company for a green card before you arrive as this confirms all your insurance details, in case of accident.

Vehicles brought from non-EU countries need to be registered within the first six months after the holder has taken up residence in Luxembourg.



NON-EU nationals

Non-EU nationals can obtain insurance from any of the major insurance companies in Luxembourg, alongside any other insurance you may require. It is a good idea to shop around a bit to find the right offer.

Please note: it is compulsory to obtain car insurance before you start driving in Luxembourg. If you hire a car the car-rental firm can deal with your insurance as part of the rental package throughout the duration of the hire.