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Maria Pichou

Faculty of Law, University of Luxembourg, Greek, Married

“I am extremely satisfied from my experience with Euraxess. First, I found the grant on the Euraxess webpage and I applied afterwards. Second, the guide on Luxembourg I was provided with was very helpful. The people working for Euraxess Luxembourg have always been very close to the researchers. Euraxess Luxembourg is doing a fine job assisting people like me and they are always available for consultation to deal with any problems that may arise.”




Miguel Oliveira

Portuguese, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine

“In general, Euraxess Network was important for me in the process of finding research opportunities throughout Europe, although the most unique feature was the ability to compare these opportunities based on the job conditions offered by the employer. Professionally Luxembourg gave me the opportunity to research in my area of interest, which is a new field and requires teams with a very wide set of research competences.”




Sandro Lino Cardoso Pereira

LCSB – Portuguese, married (Giselda) with a 12 months-old son (Pedro)

“Euraxess - Luxembourg (and particularly Ms Bárbara Daniel) were of extreme importance during my moving to Luxembourg. I was dealing with the difficulty of getting a suitable place to stay. Then I got to know about the existence of the Euraxess-Luxembourg. When I got in direct contact with Ms Bárbara Daniel, she immediately solved our problem. She has always found the time to receive us and to actively try to help us. It is always more comfortable to undertake this kind of ventures when you feel that there are people at your side.”




Pauline Bourgeon

LISER, French, Married

"Over the last three years, I have been using Euraxess portal to look for a job in Luxembourg or in the Great Region (Belgium, France, Germany). I was regularly checking the vacancies in my research field posted on the portal and I found very practical to be able to select several countries. It is very convenient to have such a portal where many career opportunities in Europe are gathered."





French, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

“Through its website, Euraxess is sharing useful links and information regarding the host country, namely housing, health insurance, etc. It truly helps to get a general sight of our destination.”