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Saba NORSHAHIDA's testimonial

Saba NORSHAHIDA's testimonial


Saba Norshahida, research specialist

University of Luxembourg, Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, Malaysian, single


"Euraxess is an initiative that reaches a wide number of researchers and provides helpful information about the opportunities available."


1. What was your main reason for coming to Luxembourg?











Please describe in more detail why you decided to settle in Luxembourg.

The topic and the research support available in Luxembourg were encouraging.

2. When did you arrive in Luxembourg?

February 2019.

3. What type of research are you involved in? Can you tell us a bit about your work?

I am currently involved in experimental set-ups for satellite communication prototyping, especially with a view to the future of satellite applications.

4. What obstacles did you have to face before arriving in Luxembourg?

I had very little information about the country and most websites were in French.

5. What were the biggest challenges you had to deal with after your arrival?


6. What Euraxess tools or help did you use?

 National portal

 Foreign researcher’s guide to Luxembourg



7. What Euraxess services did you use? Services related to:

 Job opportunities

 Work permit


Entry conditions/visas



 Health insurance

 Medical care


 Pension rights

 Day care, schooling & family related issues


 Career advice



 Funding opportunities



 Information about the culture of the host country/language courses




8. What role did Euraxess play in this overall process?

The Euraxess representatives in Singapore, especially Dr Susanne Rentzow-Vasu, were very helpful in providing information about the research opportunity offered. I personally received guidance from Dr Susanne Rentzow-Vasu and Barbara Daniel from EURAXESS Luxembourg before coming to Luxembourg.

9. What is the best thing about living / working in Luxembourg and why?

Luxembourg is culturally diverse and has a very good research support system.

10. What did you find surprising when you moved to Luxembourg?

There were not many English-speaking people outside the workplace.

11. What is the main difference between Luxembourg and your country of origin (personally and professionally)?

If I compare Singapore and Luxembourg the main difference is the lifestyle. Singapore is a big city with a much higher population than Luxembourg. Singapore seems more vibrant in everyday life, whereas in Luxembourg people are more reserved. Professionally speaking, I previously worked at Temasek Laboratories at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, where my colleagues were extremely talented and experienced. At the SnT in Luxembourg, where I have been for less than two months, I can already see that there is real potential for researchers to grow professionally and get involved in high-impact research.

12. What do you miss about your home country?

I miss my great colleagues in Singapore. I also wish the shops would open later here in Luxembourg!

12. What has Luxembourg given you professionally and personally?

An opportunity to work for one of the most prestigious institutes in Central Europe. Personally nothing yet!

13. What are your future plans, either in Luxembourg or abroad?

The SnT has given me the opportunity to learn more and to grow professionally as a researcher, and it has provided me with tremendous support. On a personal level, in Luxembourg I enjoy the extraordinary diversity in my working and living environment.

14. Would you recommend Euraxess and why?

Definitely. Euraxess is an initiative that reaches a wide number of researchers and provides helpful information about the opportunities available.

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