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What to do at the end of my contract?

ADEM info session

What to do at the end of my research contract?

Like early-career researchers elsewhere, Luxembourg PhDs and postdocs face stiff competition for limited faculty vacancies. They also face a time limit: Researchers can only spend five years working on temporary contracts at the university or research institutes. This context provided the backdrop for EURAXESS Luxembourg and the Agence pour le développement de l'emploi (ADEM) to jointly hold an information session on unemployment rights for early-stage researchers on 26 September 2022.


Limited academic vacancies and the five-year fixed-term contract limit

Many PhD and postdoctoral researchers might find it increasingly difficult to land tenure-track academic positions.Those who do not manage to secure such roles or do not aspire to academic careers can turn to jobs outside academia taking the entrepreneurial route and becoming involved in startups or working in national research labs, in corporate R&D centres or in business.

In addition to the limited number of academic vacancies, the duration of a fixed-term contract concluded between a public research centre and a researcher in Luxembourg cannot exceed 60 months, including renewals.

As such, knowing your unemployment rights and how to get support from the public employment service in Luxembourg is essential to move on to your next challenge!




Do you qualify for unemployment benefits?

Steffi Wolak, Client advisor Senior executives/Recruiting firms, and Alex Erpelding, Coordinator of third country nationals unit, share comprehensive information on job search and unemployment rights for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers whose contracts are ending.


Some more tips to your job search



The presentation is available to download in PDF.

Download ADEM info session presentation