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2getthere closing event

2getthere: Highlighting the strong network of mentoring advocates in Luxembourg

Bringing together doctoral researchers and mentors to make their transition to the non-academic world a reality was the promise of the first edition of the EURAXESS Luxembourg 2getthere mentoring programme.

On 26 September 2022, EURAXESS Luxembourg gathered mentors, mentees and supporters at an event to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the transition to non-academia and to celebrate this network of mentoring advocates.

Closing event

Mentoring PhD students pursuing non-academic careers

PhD candidates have plenty of opportunities outside academia that they may not realise at first sight. In an academic context, they acquire many skills through research projects, courses, teamwork and teaching that could be of great value in the non-academic world. The challenge is to identify these opportunities and make potential employers aware of these skills. And mentoring is just the extra touch that can unlock this potential.

In the context of EURAXESS Luxembourg, mentors helped mentees to develop their abilities and enhance their personal and professional growth. By giving advice, sharing networks and resources and challenging their mentee to move beyond their comfort zone, our mentors gave them a glimpse of new horizons.


Emilia Tanta

Artur Furtado

Mentoring is an opportunity to have a high-value experience – both for the mentee and for the mentor. They should take a moment to reflect, looking forward and also looking back, drafting and revisiting their personal and professional goals. The two partners can access new information, learn about interesting networks, enquire about career paths. Most importantly, they can discuss how to best contribute positively to society

Show off your soft skills to employers

During this closing event, a round table discussion brought together the actors of this programme to exchange on the challenges doctoral researchers may face, the job market, the expectations of recruiters and how to make the most of what they have learnt during their doctoral studies.

Most PhDs have great problem-solving skills and resilience which are sought for skills in any company. The ability to work in such a multilingual and diverse environment is something common to doctoral researchers in Luxembourg.Inês Crisóstomo, coach

Soft skills play an important role in the non-academic sector. Most doctoral researchers have led projects from start to finish. This skill is rather limited on the market. It is therefore important to highlight it for companies. Steffi Wolak, Client advisor Senior executives/Recruiting firms at ADEM.

Mentees open to work in Luxembourg

20 PhD candidates from the University of Luxembourg and its interdisciplinary centers as well as from some of the Luxembourg research institutes, including the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) and the Luxembourg Institute of for Socio-Economic Research (LISER), were selected to participate in this first edition.

Active mentees included:

Juliette Petit a doctoral researcher in law.

She was supervised by Charlotte Wirion and Ralph Useldinger.



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