EURAXESS Luxembourg is proud to participate in EURAXESS Hubs !


The EURAXESS Hubs project has been launched to assist the professional development of researchers. The project will mobilise both experienced and less experienced EURAXESS Bridgehead Organisations [1] at tailored levels of involvement, to launch three cross-border pilot EURAXESS hubs and then share their experience with the network.

EURAXESS hubs can be thought of as integrated digital platforms for thematic, cross-border, competence-based collaboration of EURAXESS Centres [2] and other stakeholders, such as multiplier and enabler organisations outside of the EURAXESS network, engaging and providing services to researchers.

During the implementation, the hubs will roll out pilot services that are scaled to the operation of the hub and based on already available tools, expertise and active engagement with the targeted stakeholders.

The hubs will produce digital toolkits, each toolkit showcasing the respective hub’s area of operation and enabling the adoption of the hub-based service model by further EURAXESS Service Centres. The toolkits will be made available for use to the Centres interested in joining existing hubs or forming additional ones after the project’s end.

The hub activities and results will be widely disseminated, with the prospect of the established cross-border hubs remaining operational beyond the project lifetime.


The three EURAXESS hubs will focus on different thematic areas:

  • Hub 1: researcher careers beyond academia

  • Hub 2: managing talent in academia and the public sector

  • Hub 3: promote and assist scientific start-up entrepreneurship


EURAXESS Luxembourg is involved in the cross-national Hub to promote and assist scientific start-up entrepreneurship (Hub 3), together with colleagues from six other EURAXESS countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Estonia, Israel, Montenegro and Serbia.


EURAXESS Hubs is a project funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020.

[1] BHOs act as coordinators at national level of the network and liaise with the European Commission, national governments and other organizations. They coordinate and support a.o. the whole network of ESCs [2] at national level.
[2] The EURAXESS Service Centre (ESC) is in contact with its national BHO as well as regional and local authorities, and gets assistance and support from the BHO.