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Medical care


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General practitioners (GPs)/Family doctors

These doctors are the first point of contact for all general health problems. They treat certain illnesses and injuries (such as colds, fevers, etc.) and are responsible for longterm patient care. If they detect specific health problems, they will refer you to a specialised doctor.

To see a GP, either make an appointment or go to the on-duty hospital or a medical centre (accessible 24/7) without an appointment. Some GPs also make home visits if the patient is unable to leave home.

When you have an appointment, you should come on time or cancel by telephone. If you do not do so, the doctor may claim financial compensation.

You can choose your GP. To find the one closest to you, check the telephone directory or ask at the commune. Not all doctors work on evenings, weekends and public holidays but there is always at least one doctor on duty in each region.


Hospitals and clinics

Find out which hospitals and clinics are on duty by calling the free emergency number 112, checking daily newspapers or

You can go to any on-duty hospital or clinic without an appointment. Be prepared to wait, as emergencies are treated according to their severity.

Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg

4, rue Ernest Barblé

L-1210 Luxembourg

Tel.: (+352) 4411-1

Clinique Ste Thérèse (Zitha)

36, rue Zithe

L-2763 Luxembourg

Tel.: (+352) 2888-1


Centre hospitalier du Kirchberg

9, rue Edward Steichen

L-2540 Luxembourg

Tel.: (+352) 2468-1


Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch

rue Emile Mayrisch

L-4240 Esch-sur-Alzette

Tel.: (+352) 5711-1




Medical centres

Three medical centres - “Maisons médicales” - have been set up recently and function as on-duty general practices outside normal working hours.

Sickness/healthcare insurance



The healthcare system runs through the CNS and offers comprehensive healthcare for all Luxembourg employees and their dependants.